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Patterns and Tools

Our tools

AirWindows Manager

This tool allows you to manage the AirWindows VSTs, plugins without dedicated interface famous for their excellent sound quality. The tool will download, allow you to update the VSTs, or to uninstall them, all in your home (hidden folder .vst)

n.b. In some cases, for example ardor, you have to select the /home/username/.vst folder, among the paths searched for vst plugins or plugins.

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Gdaw Update

As you can see, this tool updates all the software that comes from our repository, if necessary, in addition to forcing a consistency between the audio packages, making sure that they come from our repository avoiding fragmentation and bugs.

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This tool, installed together with the rt-config package, by default with our pattern, will allow you to start a check of the realtime settings and verify that the settings of your DAW are correct (generally they are thanks to the parent package rt-config)

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This package configures the system for realtime use with all the necessary requirements. Also install in the UserModAudio menu, to configure your user in the @audio group with a click.

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Very simple tool that will put the user in the @audio group after the first installation (being in the audio group is a requirement for proper functioning of the realtime functionality). Included on RT-Config

Patterns available for your Modular DAW


Basic applications, Audacity, qjack, and the plugin lv2 most used for effects.

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All typical applications for mix recording and mastering, Ardor, Carla, lv2 effects and much more

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The best sinths available in our repository

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Collection of plugins and chiptune instruments, with the addition of sequencing software such as qtracktor

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