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Welcome at GeekosDaw


The GeekosDaw project was created to give easy access to audio software in Linux (openSUSE). `All you have to do is make music`

Visit our website (link on top), and click on Install, alternatively you can go to home of this wiki and perform the same procedure.


The system is already configured and ready for use already after the first reboot, there are basic software for a Digital Audio Workstation, which allow recording, audio editing and effects, with ardor, audacity, and the most well-known Plugins suites.

If you are a producer, or need more advanced and / or additional functions, read on.

Software List

  • All the software list is accessible from YaST Software, View, Repository, by clicking on the left on GeekosDaw
  • There are groups of packages available divided by Category / Genre. They are found by looking for gdaw in YaST Software
  • There is a GeekosDaw menu in the “Start Menu”, inside you can find the utilities we offer.

Visit Patterns e Tools to access tools and patterns via the web.