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On this page you will find examples of productions made with Geekos Daw (sometimes there may be external vst but everything remains in the geekos environment)

Watch video directly on youtube you can jump into the sections of the song you are interested in

Author: Giordano Jo Boschetti

Description: The song starts in crunch and clean, and then hardens on the end with more Hard Rock sounds. The song therefore ranges from classic rock to heavy metal peaks on the finish, ending with an old-style vinyl effect.

Tools: In this track Carla was used for Slate drum (drums) and Amplebass (bass) in vst windows format. As the main daw Ardor 6. All the rest are free and Open Source Linux plugins present in Geekos Daw. The guitar was recorded with a ge200 mooer instead.

Author: Daniele71

Description: Electronic track that mixes metallic samples with more analog sounds that create a dark and “ritual” atmosphere.

Tools: Ardour with various plugins among which Zyn FUsion, NoiseMaker, Samplv1, Calf Reverb/Compressor/Limiter, Lsp Limiter Stereo, eq10q.