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Manual Configuration

If you don't want to install our patterns, you can enter the repositories manually, and then install our patterns, configurations, and individual packages.

Remember that GeekosDaw has a modular approach, with subdivision into patterns with targeted choices to build your own DAW.


Just use the terminal (or copy the corresponding repo address from YaST Repository Manager.)

openSUSE Leap 15.1 (Legacy)
openSUSE Leap 15.2 (Official Support)
openSUSE Tumbleweed (Not Official Support)

Realtime Configuration

To configure your computer for low latency you can proceed by installing the rt-config package present in the packages supplied by us, which will configure the system for low latency use and unlock the memory.

To verify the configuration, we also provide the realtimeconfigquickscan package, which will install a tool for checking the settings.

n.b. these tools are present by installing our Geekos Daw pattern, including a special menu, we strongly recommend this approach, going to YaST Package Management / View / Models and activating the Geekos Daw pattern on the left.

Also on the right you will find all the sub-patterns and tools present to build your DAW. By clicking on the website, you will already have a basic system installed.

Troubleshooting and tips

For those who are using Tuxedo Infinity laptops an issue that seem to be affecting Tuxedo XFCE theme has been noticed launching Ardour 6.5, the UI does not load and gets stuck at this stage when debugged from the command line:

Ardour: [INFO]: Loading colour file /usr/share/ardour6/themes/dark-ardour.colors

The solution is to change the Tuxedo theme to any other shipped with openSUSE by default such as, for instance, “Adwaita”.

From the MENU select Appearance, style tab click on Adwaita.

Ardour should be able to start normally after this modification.

NOTE: The binary version distributed by is not affected by the issue